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What the heck happened to the site?

Hey there folks. Things look a bit different don’t they? Well, that was intentional. Turns out when we upgraded WordPress to version 3.9, it broke the site’s theme. Badly.

As a result, we’re temporarily (for now) using this one since it isn’t as badly broken. We were planning on re-doing the site this year anyway, and well, now we really need to.

As a result, please pardon the mess while we work on revamping the site.

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Introducing A Sexy New Way To RSVP For UNIV-101

Greetings from Australia, where we’re sixteen hours in the future from Philly! Stephen here. Today I’d like to introduce you to a brand-new TicketLeap event page. And yes, it’s sexy.

I’m thrilled to announce that TechServ is a part of TicketLeap’s new event page preview. So what does this mean? For UNIV-101 students, it’s means RSVPing for a meeting has an entirely new look and feel.


The new page look very different, but navigating it should now be much easier. The first tab is the Home tab, which is like a summary of the event.



The About tab is exactly what its name suggests: information about the event.



The Map tab should be especially useful for first-timers. While there was a map in the past, it’s now stupidly obvious on how to get to TechServ (for the most part; we can’t do anything about the MacAlister basement being called the Ground Floor.)



Now for the part you probably actually care about: tickets. Click the Tickets tab and select the “performance” (read: meeting) you want to attend.

Get Ticket


Just like before, select 1 ticket. However, now, instead of going to the Checkout page, you’ll need to click Add To Cart. Turns out TicketLeap introduced a Shopping Cart at some point that I completely missed the memo for (whoops! Note to self: check account options more often.) That said, you can now cue up tickets for multiple meetings in one go. No need to checkout for every single meeting.



When you’ve finished signing up for tickets like there’s no tomorrow, click the Checkout button.



The checkout page should be the same as before. To remove a ticket, change the quantity to 0, then click Update Quantities.



One thing that has not changed (yet) is the event calendar. It may get updated at a later time, but for now, it’s still on the old design. Nonetheless, it should have the same info as the new event page does.

If you have any issues with the new event page, please let us know so we can notify TicketLeap. It is still in beta and there are a few known issues (mainly on the admin side of things).

Enjoy the sexy new page!

Site Updates

Upcoming Changes To TicketLeap

Howdy everyone!

Just a heads up, TicketLeap has announced they are making some changes to pages for events (UNIV-101 students, this is the page you use to reserve your spots at meetings). These changes aren’t yet live to everyone, but TechServ has expressed interest in taking the redesign for a spin early. Currently, there is no set date for the go-live, but if things suddenly look very different on TicketLeap, don’t freak out. If you’d like to preview what the redesign looks like, TicketLeap has a preview on the page their very first event they’re putting together themselves.

As always, if you’re having an issue with using TicketLeap for Techserv, let us know and we’ll pass it on to TicketLeap if need be.


~ Stephen

Site Updates Weekly Meetings

An Important Update on UNIV101 Signups

Beginning with our Thursday, February 7th meeting, our UNIV101 sign up system will be changing. We are excited to announce that on February 7th, we will begin using TicketLeap to process UNIV101 reservations as well as any other future event management. We’re moving away from our current system to TicketLeap because it is far more reliable and makes several administrative tasks significantly easier. Please continue to use our current booking system on the Calendar page for meetings that take place prior to February 7.

If you would like to take the new system for a test run, or reserve a space for the February 7th meeting or later, feel free to head over to TicketLeap now by clicking the stupidly huge button below. Please note, the event that runs from the 23rd of this month until the 6th of next month is a test event. It is to be used only to test out the new system. If you are making a UNIV101 reservation and your ticket reads “TEST UNIV101 Ticket”, you have made a test reservation and your ticket will NOT be honored for UNIV101 credit.

If you have any issues or questions about the new system, please raise them at one of our weekly meetings or drop us an email at For more detailed instructions, visit our UNIV-101 page. Also, if you do chose to “buy” a test ticket, please feel free to bring it to any meeting. We’re still learning our new system too 😉

Click Here to Reserve a Space

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Site Updates

All TechServ Services To Be Offline Mar 25th

Due to utility work on the building at Drexel TechServ is located in, on Sunday, March 25th, the TechServ website and all TechServ-hosted websites will be completely offline for the duration of the entire day. During this time, our server will be turned off. We expect to have all services restored on Monday the 26th. We apologize for any inconvenience. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions.