Tim Ryer

  • Maintains relations between the University administration and TechServ
  • Maintains relations between recognized University student organizations and TechServ
  • Maintains relations and assistance between TechServ Officers and members
  • Maintains all non-donation related relations between outside organizations and TechServ
  • Completes the Space Allocation Form
  • Presides over Executive board meetings

Vice President

Vince Cariello

  • Aids in collection and organization of miscellaneous non-donation documentation
  • Assists President in completion of University required forms
  • In the absence of the President, the Vice President will assume the responsibilities of the President. Further delegation will go in the order of positions listed below
  • Aids in collection and organization of donation documentation in coordination with the Head of Donation as well as maintaining contact with donors and recipients
  • May lead other projects defined or accepted by the President
  • Is responsible for tasks not clearly defined in other officer positions


Max Iticovici

  • Maintains the budget
  • Manages all funding for events in coordination with the Event Coordinator
  • Appropriately assembles and submits the SAFAC Annual Allocation Form
  • Provides a report of the current financial status of TechServ for officer(s)
  • Handles all paperwork regarding orders
  • Completes all forms relating to sale and rental of said items

Event Coordinator

Chris Park

  • Acts as point of contact and planner for non-donation off-campus events
  • Manages all aspects of non-donation on-campus event planning (ex. room reservations)
  • Manages and solicits event ideas/proposals
  • Keeps the internal Event Procedure information up to date
  • Promotes events and meetings through flyers, emails, InfoNet, and social media
  • Works to recruit new members
  • Maintains relations with the University, other organizations, and the student body in coordination with the president

Head of Refurbishment

Yair Oppenheim

  • Manages computer refurbishment functions for the organization
  • Organizes and takes inventory of hardware and software
  • Reports on the progress made in completing donations
  • Arranges tutorials for new members and designs/selects educational materials
  • Selects and inventories all equipment eligible for fund raising sales

Head of Donations

Vince Cariello

  • Contact person(s) for donations
  • Solicit incoming and outgoing donations
  • Communicate with and manage contact information for donors and recipients
  • Arrange donations (dropoff/pickup of computers).
  • Work with the Head of Refurbishment to manage throughput and inventory levels
  • Complete and send incoming and outgoing donation receipts
  • Provide tax information for donations when applicable
  • Keep donation information page(s) up to date and accurate
  • Actively communicate with Vice President

Head of Social media

Bianca Amador

  • Promotes events and meetings through flyers, emails, DragonLink, and social media
  • Maintains all social media accounts and posts regularly
  • Communicates with other officers to best meet the needs of the organization
  • Works to recruit new members
  • Works with Systems Administrators to coordinate WebServ services and projects
  • Keeps the design of the TechServ main website modern, professional, and intuitive
  • Keeps website information current

System Administrator(s)

Tim Ryer, Daniel Dinu

System Administrator is not an elected position. New system administrators are selected as needed by the current system administrator(s) on the basis of technical ability, willingness to learn about system administration, and approval by a majority vote of the Executive Board. System administrators may be removed by a majority vote of the Executive Board. There should be at least one system administrator at all times who must be a current member.


  • Maintain the servers, office computer, and network infrastructure used by the organization
  • Design TechServ OS Installation Package consisting of a minimum hardware specification, installed operating system, software, and friendly configurationo The TechServ Installation Services will abide by all copyright, patent and Intellectual Property law and will be composed of free and open source solutions wherever possible
  • Act as liaison for more technical aspects of WebServ
  • Must hold at least one general information session after each change in Officers
  • Must hold at least one internal documentation session after each new System Administrator appointment
  • Must keep detailed records as to aid in transitions between administrators

Appointed/Additional Positions

The Executive Board members may decide on the appointment of additional individuals to fulfill duties that are beyond the capabilities of the current administration. These appointments must be approved by a majority of the Executive Board. Any appointed position is temporary and does not obtain Executive Board privileges until written into the Constitution.