Summer term meeting times

Hi everyone!


For Summer quarter 2016, we’ll be meeting on Mondays from 6PM-8PM and on Wednesdays from 7PM-9PM.


We hope to see you there!

Brian Bijeau

President, Drexel TechServ

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Winter Term Meeting Times

Hi Everyone, I hope that you all had fabulous winter breaks!

Sadly, Winter break is drawing to a close, but we at TechServ are looking forward to seeing everyone again! This quarter, we’ll be meeting from 7:00-9:00 PM on Mondays and Thursdays. Based on responses to the poll I sent out earlier, these are the times which work for most people. Meetings will start tomorrow, Monday, January 4th, 2016.

Our New Years resolutions this year are to better serve the community, to get more donations out to community centers, and to continue to be a welcoming and fun group of people with the common goal of helping others.

Here’s to an exciting new year,
Brian Bijeau
President, Drexel TechServ


Fall Quarter is Here!

Hey Everyone!

I hope that everyone has had a nice relaxing summer, because it seems to be time for Fall term and we have lots of Tech to Serv!
This quarter, meeting times will be from 7 PM to 9 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays, as decided by our Doodle. Combining yes and ifneedbe responses on the Doodle, these two positions won out over Friday nights by a slim margin. While I am very proud that so many of you are willing to spend your Friday nights with us doing charitable work, I think you’ll all be happy to have a little more flexibility on your Fridays.
Meetings will be held in our new Office Space (and if you don’t get why I capitalized that, PLEASE go look it up… You’ll be glad you did!) which is in MacAllister Hall 3014.
Since Drexel is officially closed on Monday, September 28, there will NOT be an official TechServ meeting. We will still hold our regularly scheduled Wednesday meeting that week.
We all look forward to seeing you at our first meeting, which will be tomorrow.
Good luck this quarter everyone!
Brian Bijeau
President, Drexel University TechServ

Farewell from Stephen

Howdy folks,

Stephen here one last time. Saturday evening was my last night at TechServ as both Head of Special Projects and Vice President on account of graduation. Eric Rock will be assuming my role of Vice President effective immediately, and Head of Special Projects is being merged into other existing positions.

TechServ has grown substantially from when I started during my Freshmen year five years ago. It still is growing, and even with the discontinuation of our main source of new members, a course called UNIV-101, the eight new members who joined us in September and remain with us now is a very positive sign for the future. Later this month, TechServ will be moving from its long-time home of MacAlister 0020 to a new space on the third floor, which will be shared with a new Linux Users Group and DragonLAN, the latter of which we have collaborated with previously. As we use Ubuntu at TechServ, I expect many new collaborations to come with the new office mates.

The future looks bright for TechServ, and while the new space will be shared with two other groups, it will provide much-needed space, and I expect new, very strong, interdisciplinary bonds to be formed among TechServ and the organizations the room will be shared with.

For our WebServ clients, your main point of contact will transition to our System Administrators. If you need them, they can be reached via our main email of techserv[at]drexel[dot]edu. It will be shared with them via Trello, a tool used internally.

I wish the best of luck to TechServ, and I’m confident it will continue to go strong as new officers take the helm both over the summer and at the start of the next academic year in September. I’m also sure those new officers will have a fantastic team of members supporting them.


April Fools: Introducing CatServ

When we launched WebServ four years ago, our mission was to provide free, easy to use hosting to all recognized student organizations at Drexel. Over the years, we’ve learned about our users’ needs and the internet in general. Two of the major things things we have learned are: one, people love sharing pictures and two, there are some really terrible site designs out there.

Today, we’re launching a new service with both of those in mind.


CatServ is a new service we’re launching with the mission to raise awareness of cats on the internet. We found that many of the photos shared on the internet are of cats, but they’re spread across several different sites and networks that offer inconsistent experiences. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from WebServ to launch CatServ Photos: free, unlimited hosting for photos of cats. In our efforts to keep CatServ Photos as easy to use as possible, we developed another product, CatServ Usability. We designed CatServ Photos to be so easy to use, a cat could use it. CatServ Usability tests your site design to see if a cat could use it. For the first year, CatServ Usability is also free.

We’re very excited about CatServ, and we hope that you’ll join us on our newest adventure.