Fall Quarter is Here!

Hey Everyone!

I hope that everyone has had a nice relaxing summer, because it seems to be time for Fall term and we have lots of Tech to Serv!
This quarter, meeting times will be from 7 PM to 9 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays, as decided by our Doodle. Combining yes and ifneedbe responses on the Doodle, these two positions won out over Friday nights by a slim margin. While I am very proud that so many of you are willing to spend your Friday nights with us doing charitable work, I think you’ll all be happy to have a little more flexibility on your Fridays.
Meetings will be held in our new Office Space (and if you don’t get why I capitalized that, PLEASE go look it up… You’ll be glad you did!) which is in MacAllister Hall 3014.
Since Drexel is officially closed on Monday, September 28, there will NOT be an official TechServ meeting. We will still hold our regularly scheduled Wednesday meeting that week.
We all look forward to seeing you at our first meeting, which will be tomorrow.
Good luck this quarter everyone!
Brian Bijeau
President, Drexel University TechServ