April Fools: Introducing CatServ

When we launched WebServ four years ago, our mission was to provide free, easy to use hosting to all recognized student organizations at Drexel. Over the years, we’ve learned about our users’ needs and the internet in general. Two of the major things things we have learned are: one, people love sharing pictures and two, there are some really terrible site designs out there.

Today, we’re launching a new service with both of those in mind.


CatServ is a new service we’re launching with the mission to raise awareness of cats on the internet. We found that many of the photos shared on the internet are of cats, but they’re spread across several different sites and networks that offer inconsistent experiences. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from WebServ to launch CatServ Photos: free, unlimited hosting for photos of cats. In our efforts to keep CatServ Photos as easy to use as possible, we developed another product, CatServ Usability. We designed CatServ Photos to be so easy to use, a cat could use it. CatServ Usability tests your site design to see if a cat could use it. For the first year, CatServ Usability is also free.

We’re very excited about CatServ, and we hope that you’ll join us on our newest adventure.