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Winter 2014 Meetings Are Here!

Howdy folks! It’s a new year and a new term, which means it’s time for new meetings too! Yay! For the Winter 2014 term, we’ll be meeting Mondays and Thursdays from 7p to 9p. UNIV-101 students, tickets for meetings are now up on TicketLeap for your reserving pleasure. Note: You’ll find a new events page on TicketLeap now, which lists both current and past meetings (or as TicketLeap calls them, “events”). We also currently have two events that are live, one for meetings, and one for testing the new TicketLeap design. Please make sure you get a ticket for a meeting, not the test event. Feel free to use the test event to test out the new TicketLeap though (and let us know if something breaks or looks wrong!)

Now go forth and reserve all the things!

Reserve all the things!