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No Meeting Thursday, Party Instead

Yes, we’re really having a party Thursday instead of a meeting. This Thursday, we’re celebrating the release of Ubuntu 14.04, our operating system of choice on the systems we refurbish. Come join us from 7.30-10pm in Greenwalt Conference Room A in the basement of Creese. This event is open to everyone, and, like Ubuntu, is free.

We hope to see you there.


Announcements Weekly Meetings

What time is it? It’s almost meeting time.

It’s week two of the term, which means it’s time for meetings to begin again. We’ll be meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-9p. The first meeting will be this coming Tuesday. For UNIV-101 students, reservations are now live on TicketLeap, and as usual, are available via the stupidly huge button below because studies have shown stupidly huge buttons are stupidly effective. We’re just going to trust the science on this one because we’d rather not end up causing a world line divergence again. That was pretty messy last time.

See you Tuesday!

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Announcements Weekly Meetings

13 Feb Meeting Canceled

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 1.28.45 PM

Due to the closure of Drexel on account of the weather, we will not meet this Thursday.

Stay warm! (Says the jerk in Australia)

Announcements Weekly Meetings

No Meeting 20 Jan

Howdy there folks,

Please note, we will not be meeting on 20 January due to MLK Day. It was added to TicketLeap by mistake (Australia has different holidays than the US ^^;). If you try to book a spot for the 20th, you’ll now receive a message that sales have stopped for that day.

Sorry for the confusion!

~ Stephen

PS: Just to make that stupidly loud and clear:

We are not meeting on 20 Jan.

Announcements Weekly Meetings

Winter 2014 Meetings Are Here!

Howdy folks! It’s a new year and a new term, which means it’s time for new meetings too! Yay! For the Winter 2014 term, we’ll be meeting Mondays and Thursdays from 7p to 9p. UNIV-101 students, tickets for meetings are now up on TicketLeap for your reserving pleasure. Note: You’ll find a new events page on TicketLeap now, which lists both current and past meetings (or as TicketLeap calls them, “events”). We also currently have two events that are live, one for meetings, and one for testing the new TicketLeap design. Please make sure you get a ticket for a meeting, not the test event. Feel free to use the test event to test out the new TicketLeap though (and let us know if something breaks or looks wrong!)

Now go forth and reserve all the things!

Reserve all the things!