Please pardon the downtime

If you are one of our WebServ (website and file hosting service) clients, you may have experienced some downtime with your sites recently, most recently being this morning. We are aware of this issue and have identified a failing hard drive on our server. We are currently working to resolve it. However, until we do, you may experience more downtime on your sites. We do have monitoring in place that lets us know when our server goes down, and we work to bring it back online as soon as we become aware of an issue.

Our apologies for the inconvenience and our thanks for your understanding.

~ Stephen Weber, VP & Head of Special Projects

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No Meeting Thursday, Party Instead

Yes, we’re really having a party Thursday instead of a meeting. This Thursday, we’re celebrating the release of Ubuntu 14.04, our operating system of choice on the systems we refurbish. Come join us from 7.30-10pm in Greenwalt Conference Room A in the basement of Creese. This event is open to everyone, and, like Ubuntu, is free.

We hope to see you there.


Announcements Weekly Meetings

What time is it? It’s almost meeting time.

It’s week two of the term, which means it’s time for meetings to begin again. We’ll be meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-9p. The first meeting will be this coming Tuesday. For UNIV-101 students, reservations are now live on TicketLeap, and as usual, are available via the stupidly huge button below because studies have shown stupidly huge buttons are stupidly effective. We’re just going to trust the science on this one because we’d rather not end up causing a world line divergence again. That was pretty messy last time.

See you Tuesday!

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Announcements Weekly Meetings

13 Feb Meeting Canceled

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 1.28.45 PM

Due to the closure of Drexel on account of the weather, we will not meet this Thursday.

Stay warm! (Says the jerk in Australia)

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Community Genius Bar – 8 Mar 2014

It’s that time of year again. TechServ is pleased to announced we will be holding another one of our free genius bars on March 8th from 9:30am until 2pm at the People’s Emergency CenterIf you have a computer that is having technical difficulties, bring it in and we’ll check it out. We’ll fix it if we can, but sometimes, there are issues that are too complex to fix on the spot. We also cannot guarantee a fix we make will be permanent nor that it is the best fix possible, but we’ll always try our best. If your device is in still under warranty, we recommend contacting your manufacturer’s support instead, but we’ll still be happy to take a look. 

The People’s Emergency Center is located at:

325 N. 39th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Some helpful things for both you and us:

  • If bringing a laptop or tablet computer, please bring your power adapter as well.
  • If bringing a desktop, please bring just the desktop. We’ll have power cords and monitors with us. However, if your issue is with your monitor, do bring it along and we’ll take a look at it.
  • For additional information please email


Has this ever happened to you?

OK, maybe not exactly like that, but let’s face it, computer problems happen.

We get that. We’ll be there to help you go from this:

To this:



(Editor’s note: TechServ apologizes for the remarkably bad attempt at being funny by our Head of Special Projects. Clearly Australia’s relaxed nature has rubbed off on him too much. Rest assured we have dispatched a team of highly trained drop bears to remedy the situation. We’re told this solution looked like this.)