A Message To Users of WebServ


If you are the primary contact for WebServ, our web and file hosting service, you should have received an email from me, Stephen, last night. If not, a copy of the email can be read here.

I wanted to provide an update on the status of service restoration. As you can see, we’ve brought our site back online, which resides on the same server as all of the other web sites we host. As of the last update I have from my team, all other sites remain unavailable at this time. I still do not have any estimate as to when they will be, and I realize that is an annoyance.

So, an update as to where services stand:

  • Server rebuild – complete
  • Reinstall of required components for WordPress – complete
  • Reactivation of TechServ site – complete
  • Installation of new security utilities – in progress
  • Reactivation of all other hosted sites, one by one – in progress
  • Installation of new monitoring utilities – postponed until Tuesday
  • For our reference, documentation of the entire server configuration – in progress, major work to commence on Saturday
  • Full restoration of all services – in progress, major work to be conducted over the weekend

I will continue to update this post as I receive more information from my team with regards to the status of service availability. We’re doing our best to restore them quickly, but in a manner that we are sure is secure.