2023: A Year In Review

2023 has proved to be a transformative year for us at Drexel TechServ. Our inventory of computers and computer equipment is at an all-time high, our general body meeting turnouts are thriving, and we have implemented a new digital inventory tracking system. Most importantly, we have had the pleasure of being able to donate a substantial number of computers to Philadelphia schools and non-profits. This year, Drexel TechServ has not only bridged the digital divide in the Philadelphia community but has ventured abroad. We donated a total of 33 laptops and 10 desktops to Africa to help promote digital literacy in Tanzania and Liberia, with the plan of donating more in 2024. In summary, Drexel TechServ has donated:

  • 82 Laptops
  • 18 Desktops
  • 32 Monitors
  • 22 Keyboards
  • 26 Mice
  • 2 Projectors
  • 2 iPads

A grand total of 184 major pieces of equipment. This includes 100 computers!

We have had the pleasure of donating this equipment to the following and many others:

  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Philadelphia Martha Washington Academy Plus
  • SmallThingsPhilly
  • University of Delaware
  • Drexel ExCite Center
  • TEDI Tanzania
  • TCRC Community Healing Center
  • Liberia

Donation to a computer lab at Martha
Washington Academy in June.

We are incredibly grateful to Nestle Aimmune, Agilent Technologies, Drexel University, Quartile, BAC Distributing, and many others for donating their equipment to Drexel TechServ this year to help bridge the digital divide! We look forward to an exciting year of donations in both Philadelphia and abroad in 2024!