TechServ Announces New Acquisition of Storage Space


PHILADELPHIA, PA-April 22, 2013-Drexel University TechServ today announced its latest space acquisition: a secure cabinet in the Main Building. This latest acquisition is thanks to the efforts of Adele Varenas from Drexel’s Information Resources and Technology Department, Mike Smith from Drexel Facilities, and Dr. Jan Biros, the Sr. Associate Vice Provost. “We’ve all seen the divide that exists between Drexel’s campus and areas just a few blocks away. Particularly with regards to access to technology. With this new space available to us, we can continue our ever expanding work in ‘Bridging the Digital Divide’ with even greater efficiency and community impact,” said Julian Kemmerer, President of TechServ. “This new space will likely allow us to increase our donation output even more than the 300 or so systems that we donated last year,” added Chris Flounders, TechServ’s Head of Donations. TechServ would like to thank all of the parties involved in this effect for their support of TechServ’s efforts to bridge the digital divide in Philadelphia.

Drexel University TechServ is a student organization of Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, whose mission is to bridge the digital divide in Philadelphia through the refurbishment and donation of computer systems to non-profit organizations in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Media Contacts:

Joanne Wong
TechServ Public Relations

Julian Kemmerer
President of TechServ

Christopher Flounders
TechServ Head of Donations