Site Updates

For All UNIV-101 Students

Recently, we discovered the RSVP system, in particular for UNIV-101 bookings, was being abused with a single person booking more than one “ticket”. You may not, under any circumstances, RSVP more than once for a meeting, nor may you RSVP on someone’s behalf. We have now edited the system again so that UNIV-101 RSVPs should now cap out at 1 per person. General members, your “ticket” has not been changed. However, in order to clear out the abuse, we have been forced to once again reset all bookings. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but you must once again redo all bookings you have made for meetings.

In the future, if we discover further abuse of the system, it will be grounds for termination of your membership for repeat offenders.