We’ve moved!

Hi all!

It’s been busy here at TechServ over the past few months as we moved to our new office – MacAlister 3014. We are excited to be sharing this office with DragonLAN and Drexel’s Linux User Group!

Feel free to stop by for a meeting any Wednesday or Thursday 6-8 PM, as we are finally back up and running. Membership is open to everyone at Drexel and you don’t need any technical background to join. If you join us, we’ll show and teach you everything you need to know.

We look forward to Serving with you!


Community Genius Bar – Saturday, August 16, 2014


TechServ is pleased to announce we will be holding another one of our free Community Genius Bars on August 16th from 9:00am until 3:00pm at HELP Philadelphia. If you have a computer that is having technical difficulties, bring it in and we’ll check it out.

HELP Philadelphia is located at:
6250 Eastwick Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19142

Sometimes, there are issues that are too complex to fix on the spot. We also cannot guarantee a fix we make will be permanent nor that it is the best fix possible, but we’ll always try our best. If your device is in still under warranty, we recommend contacting your manufacturer’s support instead, but we’ll still be happy to take a look.

Some helpful things for both you and us:

  • If your repair is something that requires an expensive and unique replacement part, the most common example being  “the screen on my device is smashed”, we will likely NOT BE ABLE TO HELP. This is because
    • 1) it requires a complete screen replacement – these parts are expensive and unique to manufacturers (i.e. we would have to have replacement screens for every make and model device possible, which is not feasible. Think how certain cars parts can’t be swapped between cars!)
    • 2) screen replacement often takes several hours to complete – spanning longer than the duration of the event.
  • In contrast to the above point, software based repairs or repairs that use non-manufacturer-specific hardware are perfect for these types of events. (Think ‘car oil change’ type work!)
  • If bringing a laptop or tablet computer, please bring your power adapter as well.
  • If bringing a desktop, please bring just the desktop. We’ll have power cords and monitors with us. However, if your issue is with your monitor, do bring it along and we’ll take a look at it.

For additional information or questions please email