Past Matches and Tournaments

2020 US Online Collegiate Rapid Championships (Online) Sep. 26, 2020

Drexel participated in the USCF event online on lichess. The event was incredibly strong with over 60 titled players out of 150. Drexel performed admirably while missing some of their strongest players, with a team score of 13/36. That score was good enough for a 12th place finish out of 25 collegiate teams. A link to the competition is

Drexel vs Ole Miss (Online) Sep. 6, 2020

This match against Ole Miss was played online on There were concerns from Ole Miss about matchup parity, so Drexel slightly modified their team and the match ended up being very even. The match format was a double round robin with both colors. We thank Ole Miss for the opportunity to play, and we look forward to more matches to come, online or in person!

DrexelScoreOle MissScore
Matt Schwartz (1819)8/10nop4wnintended (2114)8/10
Gil Axelrod (1436)3/10Good_Kniight (1380)5.5/10
Thiago Viegas (1224)4/10Beatsbycon (1233)4.5/10
Alex Gerlach (1331)5/10ClarkE4606 (1180)5/10
Omesh Dhar Dwivedi (1235)6/10RichardSmallwood (934)1/10

Drexel vs.  Haverford (away) April 27, 2008

Team 1        
Stan Hwang 0 1 Sebastian Lara (1525) Very good game- Stan didn’t have a clue what happened.
Jack Mc Carney 1 0    
Chase Gibson 1 0    
Kyle Martin 1 0    
Robert Pisch 1 0   I am fairly certain this was completely undeserved.
   4   1    
To be honest I can’t remember much about this match other than that it was away and we some how won. I think that there were two or three games that we should have lost that would have completely changed everything..

Haverford vs. Drexel (Home) November 11, 2007

Team 1        
Sebastian Lara (1525) 0 1 Dan Finehart Very close
Patrick Donnelly (1210) 1 0 Alex Sedkov 1. g4? I think that sums up the game
Adolfo Cuesta (1419) 1 0 Avinash Viswanath Winning on time but lost in end game
Reilly Costigan-Humes (1411) 1 0 Kayode Olowu Up, but dropped Rook- never a good idea
Ben Marsden (1283) 1 0 Jonathan Ryan Oh well…
    4     1    
Team 2        
Sebastian Lara 0 1 Daniel Jordon Close Game, Dan handed pity victory
Adolfo Cuesta 0.5 0.5 Jack Mc Carney Come back
Reilly Costigan-Humes 1 0 Jordan Shenk What Happened?
Ben Marsden 0.5 0.5 Chase Gibson Opposite colored bishops
  2 2    

The Haverford match was fun to do.  I think that although we lost it was a good experience for all involved.  I also think that it might be a good idea to look into playing other schools. (If you are from a Philly area school feel free to contact us.)  With so many schools so close it might be good to start a league each team playing all the others twice, once in the fall and once in the spring. (One home the
other away.)