This page is for info on WebServ, the Web and File Hosting service that TechServ provides free-of-charge to all Recognized Drexel Student Organizations. Please follow the steps below to get started. More details regarding the service are described on this page.
If you wish to contact us, our email is drexeltechserv@gmail.com


1) Please fill out and submit our TechServ Web Hosting Request Form at the bottom of this page. Once your request form is received, we hope to get back to you as quickly as possible with your login information.

2) Download our Web Hosting Guide. Please note: Your MySQL password will be placed in a file called ‘sql.txt’ in your home directory. The file can be see in the image at the bottom of page 4 in the guide.

3) Video – Welcome to WebServ: Setting up your WebServ Account, WordPress Website and how to upload files in File Manager (YouTube, 18 minutes. Select “720P” for better quality. This basically follows the PDF guide linked above)**

4) Video – Quick Overview of WordPress features (YouTube, 17 minutes. Select “720P” for better quality)

5) Once you have set up your WebServ Account, please go to the following page to log in: https://www.dusers.drexel.edu/login (May need to use Drexel’s VPN as described below).

Additional Information

**Note: The software has been updated since the writing of the guide and the making of the video, so some parts may look slightly different. In particular, you may have to scroll to the bottom of the browser page after clicking “Install WordPress” to proceed. If you have previously viewed our getting started video, we encourage you to watch our newly updated version, which now includes how to use the File Manager.

If you are logging into your WebServ Account from off-campus, you will have to go through the Drexel VPN: vpn.drexel.edu

See this video on for more details. (YouTube, 3 minutes. Select “720P” for better quality).

TechServ has offered free Web and File Hosting in the past, but the service required a higher level of technical knowledge in order for Student Organizations to manage their website.

We have dramatically upgraded this service to make it easy for Student Organizations to have a website, even if they don’t have any prior web experience. Student Organizations are now able to log in via a web browser and add/remove/modify files from their account on the TechServ server (once they have obtained one). Also, student Organizations who have never had a website before can now deploy a pre-made template based on WordPress that can easily be modified.

For Student Organizations with experienced webmasters, the conventional access methods (SSH, SFTP) will still be in place, as will the ability to build or migrate  their custom website.

We are seeking Drexel students with system administrator and web design experience to help us out. Please send us an e-mail at Drexeltechserv@gmail.com if you would like to help, or for more details.


Web Hosting Application for Drexel Student Organizations

This form is for Drexel Student Organizations to request free web and file hosting from TechServ. This gives you access to host your website as well as store your files (i.e. pictures, videos) on TechServ’s Server. Don’t worry if you don’t have any prior website/web management experience. We have deployed an easy to use website template tool based on WordPress that you can use to get your website running quickly.

My organization is an OCA recognized Drexel student organization.

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Organization Name*:

President's Name*:

Primary Contact Name*:

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Desired URL (type directly after the ~):

If you have or plan on purchasing a domain name (i.e. “www.drexeltechserv.com”), you will be
able to use it. If you already have one, please list it below

Current Website or Domain Name (if any):

Have you used TechServ’s Web or File Hosting service before?:
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Are you looking to move an existing website to TechServ’s server, or are
you looking to create a new website? You can create a new site from scratch (using your own tools) or by using our automated WordPress setup (this site here uses this, for example).

Move ExistingCreate New

Please tell us a little bit about your organization. If you have worked with TechServ before what was the nature of the interaction?

Please tell us a little about what will be on your website, as well as your primary contact's level of experience with system administration, web hosting, or web design:

Additional Comments

After clicking submit you will receive an email confirmation sent from our Web Team. If you do not receive an email within one week please email drexeltechserv@gmail.com.